June 12, 2020

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                            There's no denying that summer has arrived in South Florida.  Beat the heat with a clean pool for summer!  Call the Pool Butler for all of your pool service needs!  561-883-1201 If you would rather create that perfectly pristine and inviting space yourself, follow this simple 7 step guide here to get your pool crystal clear for summer:

 1.  Never Empty Your Pool

To start the process of obtaining a clean pool, it may be tempting to empty it.  Never empty your pool, unless you don't have a choice, as in needing structural work or if there are too many leaves at the bottom because the pool has been left uncovered and untouched for an extended period.  Regular cleaning will prevent the accumulation of debris.  Consider hiring a Pool Butler technician to maintain this labor.  Drain the pool can cause big problems. An empty pool in a high water table can actually lift out of the ground without the weight of the water holding it down.  Make sure to contact a professional before emptying your pool for any reason.

2.  Clean It

Start the process of cleaning your pool by removing organic debris that may have collected as a result of sitting during the winter or blown in from the notorious South Florida rain.  Clean the pool using leaf nets and leaf baggers, to remove most of the organic debris. Even if you can’t see the bottom because of cloudy water, work the floor until your nets come up clean. This is important; don’t skimp on this step. Skim and brush the pool daily during treatment to obtain a clean pool, using the telescopic pole and pool brush.  Pay special attention to areas that are hard to reach behind a pool ladder or pool steps.  You’re doing a good job brushing if the water starts to get cloudy, and you can see the difference between where you’ve brushed and where you haven’t don’t be afraid to use a little elbow grease!

3.  Balance The Water

Balance the water. pH, alkalinity, hardness, stabilizer will likely all need adjustment. Check and readjust daily during the treatment process.

4.  Shock The Pool to address Algae

If the pool is green with algae, Shock the Pool, until the water turns a blue-grey color.  Using the color as an indicator, you may decide to hit it again.  You’ll need a large amount of pool shock, be prepared to use 5-10 lbs per 10,000 gallons of pool water! You will need to use enough to reach at minimum 30ppm.  See our post on algae growth and prevention https://nevergreenpools.com/treat-pool-algae-west-palm-beach-fl/

5.  Run The Filter

Run the filter until your water is clear.  It may be tempting to clean the filter, but wait until the pressure gauge is 5-10 lbs. higher.  Use a filter cleaner here.  You may need to change the sand or cartridge if it hasn't been done in many years.

6.  Clarify

There are two approaches:  Use Clarifier to help coagulate suspended particles or use Flocculant to drop particles to the bottom.

7.  Vacuum

So brushing the walls is sort of like dusting the furniture. You do it before you vacuum. Follow the directions that came with your pool vacuum equipment. Once everything is in place, you’re ready to start vacuuming your pool. Start at the shallow end and work slowly toward the deep end, making sure to overlap the vacuum path. A note of caution: manually vacuuming your pool can take several hours, so make sure you block out a good portion of time. Listening to music or a podcast can help the time go more quickly.

8.  Scrub the Tile Line

Follow the directions on the tile band cleaner for how much to use, and what sort of cloth or brush to use. Consider using a pool float to lay on if you’re cleaning from outside the pool. If the weather is nice, you can do this part from inside the pool. Scrub away all of the scum to leave the tiles shining! Get the right supplies to clean your pool for summer:
  • Telescopic Pole
  • Skimmer Net
  • Pool Brush
  • Pool Vacuum Head
  • Vacuum Hose
  • Tile Band Cleaner
  • Clarifier or Flocculant
Call the Pool Butler 561-883-1201 for assistance in maintaining a perfectly clean pool! [caption id="attachment_256" align="alignleft" width="889"]Pool Butler will keep your pool Pristine clean pool[/caption]