Treat Pool Algae West Palm Beach, FL

August 7, 2019

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Pool Algae & Summer Storms

Are you struggling with pool algae?  Summer heat invites you and your family to enjoy the refreshment offered by your sparkling, clean pool. But with long days and loose schedules comes the notorious Florida afternoon storms. You may be curious as to how the repeated deluge of fresh water into your pool is affecting its vital chemical balance. You have made an astute observation in recognizing the impact that rainwater has on your pool, but you may be surprised as to the culprit behind the changes. An inch of rainwater added to a standard 20,000 gallon pool only increases the water amount by about 2% and therefore dilution is usually not an issue. The challenges of pool maintenance come from algae spores and debris delivered by summer raindrops. Algae spores are typically present in the air and can end up traveling with rain drops to find your pool as a hospitable destination to reproduce. Spores can also be found on surrounding vegetation or on the ground and can end up washed into your pool by the rains, along with other debris.   This conglomeration of algae and other organic material reacts with the chlorine in your pool and therefore reduces active levels of chlorine. To make matters worse, the decomposition of organic materials fuels the reproduction of algae and other simple organisms in the water. The intense Florida sunshine and warm temperatures of summer combine to provide the perfect conditions for accelerated algae growth in your pool.

How to Beat Pool Algae

So, what does this mean for you? The goal is to ensure that algae in your pool are being killed at a faster rate than they are reproducing. To accomplish that task, keep your sanitizer level up in the proper range and add algicide promptly. For sustained gorgeous swimming conditions for your pool, it is especially crucial to monitor water chemistry during the rainy season. Test your water after it rains and re-balance when necessary. Check out these pool algae prevention tips. https://www.lesliespool.com/blog/pool-care/pool-algae/top-10-algae-prevention-tips/

We Can Help

For assistance with questions or to request a pool technician, call the Pool Butler at 561-721-3810. Our team is highly trained and happy to assist you in maintaining a swimmer's dream. pool maintenance and cleaning