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October 2, 2019

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LED Pool Light

The time change is approaching and pretty soon we will "fall back" to shorter evenings and less daylight.  Don't let that stop you from reveling in your beautiful backyard landscape and pool.  Upgrading to an LED pool light will not only brighten and enhance the beauty of your pool and extend your hours of enjoyment, it will also save you money on your electric bill.  LED pool lights are more efficient than traditional bulbs and they can illuminate more water using less electricity.   LED pool light efficiency   Take your nights to a new level with an LED pool light.  LED lighting for pools in south Florida adds dimension and allure to the typical outdoor ambiance.  LED pool lights look amazing and most of them use less electricity to illuminate more water, saving you money on your electric bill.   LED pool lights atmosphere mood   LED light placement gives you the power to create any look or transition.  Handy remote controls give you the ability to change light color to suit your preference and mood.  Some lights are even able to detect water temperature.   multiple LED pool lights   Because LED lights use lower wattage to produce the same brightness, the amount of dangerous heat emitted from the bulb is also reduced.  The lower heat also means that the LED bulb will last longer and there will be less gasket maintenance necessary.   LED pool and landscape lighting   Don't forget to add LED lights to illuminate your landscaping and create a masterpiece in your backyard.  With LED pool and landscape lights, you will have the total package for relaxation and entertaining.

How to Choose an LED Pool Light:

The following link will provide more information on some popular LED lights available.  At the Pool Butler, we only use the best products and can help you make decisions regarding the best choice for your new LED pool light.  Call us at 561-883-1201 to get started today! https://www.poolcleanerblog.com/best-led-pool-lights-reviews/

How to Install an LED Pool Light:

The video below does an excellent job in demonstrating the simple steps in pool light installation.  However, sometimes the conduit running from your electric outlet to the lamp can have difficult turns that complicate the process.  When access to your light is more difficult, Pool Butler can assist.  Owned and operated by a Certified General Contractor, our staff is licensed and insured to tackle any structural challenges on your job.  561-883-1201 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsUaWpwO93k