Salt Water Pool Conversion

The Pool Butler staff are trained professionals that have extensive knowledge to install, repair, and maintain your Salt Water System.

Salt water pools are becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners because they tend to be much lower maintenance than standard chlorine pools. The daily upkeep of these types of pools is much easier and the nature of salt water makes it less dependent on chemicals. Then there is the fact that salt water pools are much gentler on the skin and eyes, making the choice between a chlorine pool or a salt water pool an easy one. However, many older pools are chlorine, meaning homeowners who want the benefits of a salt water pool will need to consider a salt water conversion.

Salt Water Pool Conversion Experts

The Pool Butler has the experience and know-how to handle your salt water pool conversion project from beginning to end. Most salt water systems are added to the pool’s existing plumbing, meaning the project will involve little plumbing and electrical work. Depending on the surface of your pool, you may or may not need additional equipment to avoid long-term surface or hardware corrosion. Of course, the addition of salt to your newly converted pool will have to be determined based on the size and gallonage of your pool, and we will perform this assessment to ensure it has the proper pH. All in all, it’s a fairly simple process for our team of experts, and we can usually get the job done in a day, once approved.

How Much is a Salt Water Pool Conversion?

Because salt water pool conversions involve water and electricity, it is recommended that you enlist the help of experts rather than go at it alone to try and save a little money.  That is where we come in.  The total cost of your salt water conversion will depend on the following:
  • The size and gallonage of your pool
  • The rating of the salt water system required for your pool
  • The amount of salt needed (depending on the size of your pool)
  • The need for additional equipment based on your pool surface

Contact Us for Your Salt Water Pool Conversion

If you are interested in making the change to a salt water pool or have some questions about the process for your specific pool, let us know. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to answer all your pool-related questions. Contact us today to get the conversation started.




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