Pool Repair Services

The Pool Butler's pool repair services can fix everything from pumps, motors, and heaters to filters, cleaners, and automation systems. Emergency repair services are also available. Pool Butler’s team of expert pool technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair your pool issue no matter how big or how small. You don’t need to know what the problem is to know there’s a problem; that’s where we come in.

Common Pool Repair Problems

The most common pool repair issues stem from pumps, motors, the filter, pool lights, and leaks.

Pool Pumps and Motor Repairs

Pumps and motors are often the equipment that requires the most attention as these components have a lot of moving parts. If a pool is showing problems with how water is circulated, making loud noise, or experiencing little to no flow, these are telltale signs that you may have a pump or motor issue.  

Pool Filter Repairs

Many pool filter problems can be diagnosed quickly. If you or your pool maintenance company replaces the filters annually, this problem can be minimized. However, if cleaning out the filtration cartridge or replacing it altogether doesn’t work, there may be a deeper problem that we will diagnose and correct to get your pool in proper working order again.

Pool Light Repairs

Just like the lights in your home, eventually, the pool light can burn out. Because it is underwater, obviously there is some special care involved in replacing your pool light. If a standard pool light bulb replacement is not the issue, more involved repairs may be needed.

Pool Leak Repairs

Sometimes what pool owners think is a leak is often the natural evaporation of water which results in decreases in water levels. Our experts will be able to determine if you actually have a leak, determine where it is, and then fix it so that you can negate the expense of adding water to your pool regularly.

Emergency Pool Repairs

If your pool is need of urgent attention, The Pool Butler can handle any emergency pool repairs you have as well. Contact Pool Butler today to get help with any potential problems or diagnose at your pool.




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