Pool Maintenance & Cleaning

Regular maintenance and proper cleaning are the key to never having a green pool. Let the professionals at The Pool Butler keep your pool clean and clear all year long.

The Pool Butler provides a number of pool cleaning and maintenance services designed to help you have the cleanest pool in the neighborhood. Our maintenance services include:
  • Brushing the pool walls, steps, and tiles
  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Skimming the surface
  • Monitoring the water level
  • Maintaining the filter and cleaning the basket
  • Maintaining the chemical balance

Pool Chemical Maintenance

A clean, clear pool is a chemically balanced pool. Our pool maintenance specialists will perform required chemical tests to ensure that the chemical makeup of your pool is balanced and any potential issues are addressed quickly. In addition to achieving that perfect clear, blue that is so desirable, a balanced pool is important for several reasons. First, a balanced pool – either chlorine-based or salt-based – needs to have the proper pH to be safe. If the balance is off, the chlorine won’t be able to kill germs and bacteria the way it is intended. Secondly, a pool that achieves the perfect balance is neither too basic nor acidic, so it will not negatively affect your skin or eyes. Finally, an expertly balanced pool is non-corrosive, expanding the life of your pump, the ladders and handrails, as well as the surface.

Pool Filter Maintenance

A clean pool filter is key to keeping a beautiful pool that is clear and inviting. There are three basic types of pool filters – sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous (DE) – and The Pool Butler’s pool maintenance specialists are familiar with them all. Like air conditioning filters, swimming pool filters need to be replaced annually.  The Pool Butler will monitor your pool’s filtration system to ensure it is not affecting the filter pressure and works to remove impurities as designed.

The Pool Butler Difference

The Pool Butler’s pool maintenance and cleaning services take the hassle and know-how away from you, the pool owner, and give you the peace of mind that your pool will always be beautiful, sparkling, and clean. Where some other companies charge separately for chemical maintenance, filter maintenance, and standard cleaning, The Pool Butler becomes your pool’s best friend, handling all these services at no additional charge. When you’re ready to leave the pool cleaning duties to us, give us a call for a free estimate.




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